Get Your Real Estate License

Shawn and Christina Calhoun

Dear aspiring real estate agent,

Insurance agents, other agents, sales executives, as well as individuals needing to make a career change from different industries have been looking for the best real estate license training. Relatively few people get a real estate license compared to the vast number of those needing a home to live in. Somewhere, probably online or in person, we have connected.

The challenge is—and I see this—you may not be earning the money you need or want in your current place. The biggest pain is that many industries can’t keep up or aren't paying out enough money, plus they take up too much of your time. Do you need more freedom and money?

The U.S. Census stated that the median household income in 2019 was $65,000. Are you making that much? Are you making over this, but need more? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works 8.8 hours a day, with many saying they work 50 hours a week. Many industries are shedding jobs or closing their doors. No matter how good it looks from the outside looking in, many of us have simply been stuck in unfulfilling jobs.

All agents have six requirements if they are to flourish:

  • Training: Agents must learn to use the correct technology and improve on facets of their personality.
  • Support: This means real broker support, like you have not known, and marketing support to increase your clients/leads.
  • Mentorship: One-on-one mentorship allows agents to practice listing presentations, writing contracts, negotiating, inspections, showings, etc.
  • Accountability: Ongoing tracking meetings with your peers and mentors keeps you doing the right things to produce results.
  • Coaching: This includes weekly in-person, phone, or video meetings.
  • Structure: In other words, structure that you can work and implement with our help.

If these needs aren’t met, agents try to solve their problem by looking for a new job while collecting unemployment. This means Google searches for new career opportunities where they can earn more and have more control of their life.

What keeps you up at 3 a.m? Struggling to make ends meet? The price of rent or buying a house continues to increase and many people need to earn more quickly. Some have goals & real estate can be a gateway to those financial or other goals. Others are worried that they can’t maintain their high standard of living. They hate their job and feel like they can’t do it anymore. If this problem goes unsolved, they’ll be embarrassed by their lifestyle, have to move to an area they don’t like, or end up missing the most important moments in life while being at work.

I was in this exact situation at one time. I was an engineer making good money with good benefits, but I didn’t have enough time for my family. My wife Christina had a successful career as a radiographer but was working midnights and on call. Her schedule had ZERO flexibility. We needed both income and freedom, which we found in real estate.

Our three step solution for you is:

  1. Get your real estate license!
  2. Get trained on the proven techniques to have a successful career in real estate.
  3. Select a broker that can maximize your real estate goals.

Not all online training is created equal. What makes us unique is that we offer an online program to get your real estate license in 34+ states with a Pass Or Don’t Pay Guarantee.

With the Ultimate Learning Package, you get:

  • State hour requirement pre-license course
  • State-approved instructor support
  • Three real estate eBooks
  • Exam prep
  • A Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee
  • 90-day boot camp
  • Prep for Success pro membership
  • A real estate dictionary
  • Instructor Q&A
  • A printed course textbook
  • A one-year professional development membership
  • Pretty Home Academy exclusive bonus: Scripts on what to say and what not to say to buyers and sellers

If you want your life to change and live the way YOU want to LIVE, this is your chance.

We offer a guarantee. You’ll complete the state license hourly requirement. If you don’t pass the exam, you don’t pay. You’ll learn proven methods to fast-track your real estate career.

Of course, there are alternatives to our solution. You can take an in-person real estate course, for example, according to someone else’s time frame and at their location. In addition to paying for classes, you also pay more for books and add on materials. Our course, on the other hand, is all-inclusive, and you can work around your schedule and at your pace—all you need is an internet connection. With most other licensing classes, it’s over once you pass the test. With us, we teach you how to build a successful real estate business after you pass the test.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Consider the testimonials of previous agents who took our online licensing course:

“Educate at your own pace! Format is easy to follow and chapter reviews make terms stick.” Kristy G said: ★★★★★

“It's a great course!! It has everything you need to get started in real estate and it even has some great tips for getting started off!” Carlos K said: ★★★★★


After you get licensed using our recommended online course, we’ll train you on how to earn income while keeping your freedom. As an added bonus, if you are in Michigan, you can join our 100% commission brokerage! Once you start the onboarding process, you will immediately get access to the online training course.

The next step is to complete the state-required hours of training online. After you pass your state licensing test, you’re free to join Pretty Home Realty, enter into our Pathway to Paychecks training, and jumpstart your career based on proven real estate models. As stated above, we offer a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee on our online training for any package over “The Basics.”

Get started right away by filling out the form below if you want to take us up on this limited-time offer. Now is the time to take action by investing in your future. If you put it off, it won’t happen. A ship floating at sea will not reach its destination. Be the captain of your own ship to get where you want in life and reach your goals starting today!