Shawn and Christina Calhoun
Shawn and Christina Calhoun

Shawn and Christina Calhoun are the founders of PRETTY HOME REALTY & PRETTY HOME ACADEMY. Helping agents, home sellers & home buyers is their passion. Shawn comes from an electrical design engineering background in the automotive industry, while Christina comes from a medical background in radiology. The reason Shawn got into real estate was, even though he had a great job & life, he felt that there were some things missing from it. A big one was freedom in his schedule, and truly helping people at a higher level. He found true freedom, financial security & fulfilment through helping others accomplish their real estate goals with Pretty Home Realty.

For the past 20+ years, Shawn has taken many classes, worked with business coaches and experts, read dozens of books and publications to learn, apply & develop a proven path needed to succeed in real estate for home selling & buying clients as well as real estate agents - at a high level. Christina has added her own insights as well over the years, and the company & brands continue to grow and help others accomplish their goals each and every day. Today, PRETTY HOME REALTY & PRETTY HOME ACADEMY are totally focused on helping real estate clients & agents, like you, create an amazing and fulfilling experience, career and life!

Shawn & Christina are excited to guide you on your journey of home selling or home buying through the Calhoun Team or any of our highly trained real estate professionals here at PRETTY HOME REALTY!

They are also thrilled to share knowledge & secrets of success with all of you through the real estate training platform PRETTY HOME ACADEMY